Yesterday was a lazy day. We woke up, made breakfast and read. Eventually we decided that we should do something so we explored more of the property where we are staying (those photos are on Brian’s phone at the moment) and then headed for a hike at Rainbow Falls (pictured above). The trail was nicely shaded and beautifully maintained. It took about an hour from the car to complete half the hike, which was next to a pub and it seemed a waste to not stop in for a pint. After some delicious cider we turned back and did the hike in reverse. 

It was starting to get dark when we were heading home, so we stopped at the Ake Ake Vineyard for some dinner and wine. Since I am combining two days into one post, I won’t bore you with the photos from that. We were a bit relieved that the dress code was relaxed, despite it looking like a nice place, as we were looking a bit worse for the wear at that point. We had a lovely meal and headed home to bed.
The next day, we got up and headed for a day’s sail on the R. Tucker Thompson. Although it didn’t get officially recorded in my Travel Bucket List post awhile back, I have always wanted to sail on a tall ship. So, I was very excited for this voyage in particular. I also love that the boat is a teaching vessel for kids to learn how to sail and the money they make on day cruises helps pay for the tuition for the week-long camps for high school-aged kids.
Not one to stay idle for long, I volunteered to help raise the sails, which earned me a spot behind the wheel. We sailed past jumping dolphins and enjoyed fresh baked scones with tea.  
We anchored in a cove and hiked up a hill to an overlook. The view, as you can see, was breath-taking and the weather was perfect – 72F/22C.
As we waited for the dinghy to bring us back to the boat for lunch and a sail, we had a great view of the ship. Unfortunately, it was hard to get the full effect of all the sails up when you were actually on the boat, so you’ll have to imagine it. The sail was great, although we got more sunburned than we realized until later on. The other people that went with us were from all over the world which made for interesting conversations throughout the day as well.
The man in the orange shirt, all the way at the top of the rigging, is Brian Beard waving to everyone. I decided to keep my eye on things from below. You never know when the captain might need the skipper!

After we got back on land, we headed to a street festival which was being held after the annual half-marathon in the town next to where we were staying. It was a great place to grab things for dinner – crepes, calamari, fish sandwiches, fudge, cupcakes – and the music and crowds were great. People were dancing in the streets and having a great time. It was a great way to end an amazing day.

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