Today was another laid back day. We had planned on driving four hours north to stay up near 90-Mile Beach for a night, but we were having such a nice time where we were that we changed our plans. I, of course, felt guilty for canceling on the person we were to stay with (although it was within the cancellation policy limits for a full refund) and Brian, as usual, talked me out of it (like he does when he knows I want to return a gift but feel bad about that too).

I’m glad we stayed longer in our “Hammock” (on the left). We spent the morning reading – I actually picked a book off the shelf when we got here and finished it today. I haven’t done that in forever.
At some point I took a shower and we decided to go out for lunch. We ate delicious fish and chips at the Highway 10 Takeaway. Afterwards, I felt like some ice cream, however I didn’t pay attention to the sign by the road that proclaimed the biggest ice creams in the Northland. Yeah, so the ice cream I am holding is a SINGLE scoop that cost NZ$4.10. The flavor, hokey pokey, is apparently a Kiwi favorite – vanilla with toffee bits. It was delicious and, together, we almost finished it. Oh yes, also, the redness of my skin isn’t a reflection from my sweatshirt. We picked up some after-sun on the way back home.

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