This morning we had breakfast at Cafe O again, it was just too good and close to not go twice. I had the hotcakes with berries, bananas and marscarpone and Brian had the corn cakes with thick bacon and roasted tomatoes.

They say there are more sheep than people in New Zealand, so it wasn’t surprising to find herds of them wandering around Cornwall Park. I couldn’t help but practice my sheep calls, however I’m not sure they understood my accent.

Part of the park is an area known as One Tree Hill. We were quite confused as there were many trees and, despite looking everywhere, we couldn’t find any signs. So, I chose this one as “the one” and marked it with a signature jump.

After the park we visited the Auckland War Memorial Museum which was nice but had to be the weirdest collection of objects. Ranging from modern clothing to Maori artifacts to a cage of American cockroaches. My preference for order made it a hard collection to peruse. I kept trying to figure out how it all made sense together – no luck there. 

However, after leaving, we drove along the coast and found some beautiful outlooks like this one.

We ate dinner at a place called MooChowChow, because really, why wouldn’t you eat at a place called that? Boasting delicious craft cocktails and Thai tapas, it did not disappoint. Brian had his first oyster ever (far right) and enjoyed it for a while (before it faded into “fishy” taste). I had the son-in-law eggs, which apparently Thai women make for their daughter’s husbands, if they like them. We also had a delicious crispy salmon, jasmine rice, and Brian had a pork spring roll. Thanks for stopping by!

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