After a leisurely morning, we headed to explore Piha Beach and…
…a hike to Kitekite Falls. Since this is our last day in New Zealand, we decided to stick close to where we’re staying and soak up the surroundings.
And, of course, what day wouldn’t be complete without an exceptional meal? Today was no exception as we thoroughly enjoyed a three-hour lunch at The Refreshment Room on our way back to repack everything to head out tomorrow. A local favorite, this Italian gem is something we would’ve missed had our host not suggested it.
We feasted on: (from left, clockwise) risotto w/greens, mozzarella and candied onions, homemade ravioli w/spinach, mushrooms, pecorino and sun-dried tomatoes; chickpea and cheese fries with aioli, herb dip; bitter chocolate cake with in-house made salted caramel ice cream; and Brian’s bowl of ice creams – hazelnut & Frangelico, espresso and stracciatella. The whole thing was delicious and was washed down with hard cider, pino gris and espresso.
Our footsteps on the beach unofficially marked the end of a fabulous vacation. Thanks for following along!

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