Yesterday we drove about six hours north from Wellington to New Plymouth which is on the west coast of the north island. It rained the entire time until we got to our next Airbnb accommodations. We decided to stretch our legs along the Coastal Walkway before we headed to dinner. Along the way, we found this sculpture, called the Wind Wand, which moves around in the breeze. At night you can see its red light bobbing around over the town. Afterwards we had a delicious dinner at Arborio and unwound.

The next day we decided to do a couple of hikes – one in Egmont National Park (above) and another along the other end of the Coastal Walkway. It was a beautiful day but the clouds hung around the volcano, preventing us from getting a good photo. We brought a picnic along with us and ate lunch along the way. After we got good and tired, we had some dinner and headed back for some showers and relaxing.

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