We started the day off with some of the best coffee in New Zealand and breakfast at Ti Kouka Cafe. I had a mocha and a soft boiled egg with Vegemite soldiers (look at me trying something new!). It had been forever since I’d had a soft boiled egg – may favorite part of the whole thing was its hat.

We then headed to Zealandia which is a nature preserve working to restore a valley back to the way it was before people came to New Zealand, bringing invasive species and destructive forestry habits. Apparently there were no land mammals original to New Zealand besides two types of bats. In the alcove behind the sign above, you could push buttons to make different bird call songs and summon them. This didn’t work very well with multiple buttons being pushed by several people at once. We went on a guided walk, saw some reptiles and birds, and learned more about the sanctuary.

We stopped by the Zealandia Cafe before we headed out and had an amazing lunch. I had the pumpkin, spicy tomato, and cheese quesadilla and Brian had a lamb pie.

Brian then headed off to check out Weta Cave while I got a haircut. We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and deciding where to have our early Thanksgiving dinner since we likely won’t be near much when it is actually Thanksgiving.

We decided on Logan Brown. It was super fancy and delicious. Brian had pork and I had kingfish, along with white asparagus and truffle fries. We devoured two desserts – the dark chocolate panna cotta and the caramel filled donuts with black pepper meringue. We were glad we had a nice walk home to help everything settle a bit.

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