Today we learned that we should have allotted more time for Rotorua. Originally, we hadn’t even planned to go but kept finding references of things to do in this volcanic town. So we chopped a day off a couple of other locations and fit it in. In our one full day, we fit in so many things that I was feeling a bit stressed by the end – Hobbiton, Zorbing, hiking in the Redwoods Forest, twilight mud/hot springs spa, and two meals – and we still didn’t do everything we wanted. We started the day off with an hour drive to Hobbiton.

As you may know, Hobbiton is the set for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. The area where everything was built out is a beautiful, functioning sheep farm with over 16, 000 sheep. There are over 44 Hobbit Holes, like the one above.
The “party tree” to the left. (If this makes no sense to you, it didn’t to me either, until this trip.)
Most of the Hobbit Holes are just facades but a couple of them you can go inside so that the cameras could shoot that perspective.
It’s hard to believe it isn’t real!
The “Green Dragon Inn” is fully functioning pub. They serve the Sobering Truth (beer brewed just for the movie at a low alcohol content as to not inebriate the cast during filming), a delicious cider, ginger beer and food.

I think I’ve run on long enough for one day, I will complete the rest of the day tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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