Getting on the 6am ferry came early this morning but it finally became worth it when we made it down to Cathedral Cove. Taking the tour guide book’s advice, we arrived early (before 10am), got a parking spot and hiked in the 45 minutes down to the cove. We had fifteen minutes of exploration time before it started to pour. Hustling back to the car we must have passed at least a hundred people clambering to get to the cove after us. The parking lot was packed when we got back and we beat the lunch crowd.
The inside of the cove, looking back towards the beach. Brian took this, I am the tiny person on the right in the background.
Tucked away, we found Hot Waves Cafe which was such a treat – real nachos, black beans and all! Brian had a lamb pita and we shared a homemade baked goodie – a Nanaimo Bar – that disappeared so quickly, I couldn’t even snap a photo.

After our morning adventure, we drove the rest of the way to our next destination – Rotorua. We are staying at a cute B&B with a super friendly, knowledgeable host who shared enough things for us to check out that we could be here for two weeks, instead of our allotted two days. We had booked a cultural dinner experience (tourist trap) at the Tamaki Maori Village. Luckily, despite the large crowd of tourists, the experience was fun, the performances (singing, dancing, weapons) were good and the food was great.

The night included a walk through the Maori village (which was where all the activities above took place). Brian was volunteered for the Haka warrior training and I volunteered for the stick game (the blur is me beating some dude to the stick, I had already knocked out the other player before this) and the poi dancing (a more reluctant position but they were going to have to do it one lady short, so I offered).

In all, it was a great, whirlwind day. Need to rest up now, we have a lot on the docket for tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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