As I procrastinate packing another suitcase for another work trip I was wondering if I could get away with coming home from a trip, doing laundry and repacking the same clothes in the suitcase for next time. I have already created a perfect double set of toiletries down to an identical set of tweezers and tiny perfume in my favorite scent. When it comes to making things easier – for travel or life – it seems it would just be easier for there to be doubles of everything.

Haven’t we all lamented that a double of ourselves would make for a lighter work load, less stress or more homemade meals? I was just telling my mom I could use two more of me at work and she said that the world had enough with just one of me. Which I think she meant in a good way. I guess we can’t do that easily anyways so we might as well get used to being as efficient as possible with yourself.

Back to the suitcase, I am glad I have more than one umbrella, chargers and other things that I can just leave in the suitcase for the next time. Heading off to southern California tomorrow. Hopefully exciting adventures on the blog to come. And I have a new camera, so no more cell phone pictures!

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