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So yesterday was spent at the border – half visiting with two groups of friends at the fence and the other half doing a ride-along with the U.S Border Patrol. It was a very interesting duo of events to have in one day. Since we took a million pictures I will let them tell the story…

This was the morning group – you can get the sense of what it was like to meet across the fence with our friends. We met for two hours and shared back and forth what life was like, a little politics and lots of smiles. We were being monitored closely by four Border Patrol trucks, so we were safe but watched. The sun was behind the clouds most of the time and a cool breeze blew. It was a little sad to not be able to see everyone properly and give them hugs, but we’ll be back.
Some photos from our ride-along tour. Obviously you have the fence and the large picture on the bottom left corner is of Anapra from a hill. The top left photo is of Brandon, Matt and Sandy from left to right – they were all listening to Officer Scott talking about the fence. The right middle is a photo of the fence up close and then through the fence where you can see a rope and other items used by people trying to climb over. Oh yeah, and that’s me in a drainage tunnel.
We ate dinner at a delicious restaurant (Lacey, you would’ve loved it!) called L & J Cafe. I had a delicious, albeit unphotogenic, bean and cheese burrito with green chile strips. And then we ended with some yummy sopapillas (photo by Brandon and don’t worry Katie, he ate one for you too).
Our evening meeting at the fence included this little cutie, one of Estela’s granddaughters. We also got to meet two of Estela’s sons, see her husband and some more of her grandkids.
In all, it was a very good day. Definitely a lot to think about. Thanks for checking in!

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