Kathi asked us as we were driving down the street between some errands. Emile, Ashley and I were confused. I was thinking, “Um, that’s kind of rude. How would you even know that person was Jewish?” Kathi continued talking about the “wandering Jew” being like the one in her house and we all slowly realized that she was talking about a plant. We all had a long bout of laughter and continued down the road. It was good to laugh so hard you almost fell over after having a lot of serious and hard thoughts about everything we were seeing around us over the past four days.

Yesterday we visited an organization called THINK (Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness). The organization serves girls who were victims of rape, human trafficking, gender based violence and child soldiering. The residential home we visited serves 25 girls in a 9 month program that teaches them job skills, helps them complete a high school equivalency program, counsels them and teaches them how to raise their babies who are with them in the program. The day there started out with them singing songs and introducing themselves to us. It was a little akward but as soon as they started showing us what they were learning they were smiling and laughing. The cosmetology girls were doing our hair and the sewing girls were showing us their dresses they were making. The girls learning pastry were working hard on a batch of shortbread that we didn’t get to taste. 🙁

We were asked to stay for lunch and the girl I ate with shared a spoon with me. She insisted on tasting it for us first and brought me tissues to wipe my hands off at the end. The girl Kathi ate with told her that no one had ever stayed to eat with them before. It was such a small thing but it made a big difference to them and to us. We hope to go back on their Saturday night for a thing they call “Chu Chu” where they make up things to entertain each other. We figured if we showed up with some of the glow stick bracelets we brought they’d be stoked.

The rest of the day we went to the grocery store, did a little shopping and put together the care bags for the women we are visiting with next week at the fistula clinics. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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