So, Michelle and I had quite the evening last night. We had prepared in advance for going out to Margaritaville by taking a nap earlier in the day. The shuttle was leaving our hotel at 9, 10 or 11 and coming back at 1 and 2am. Before we could take the 9pm bus we decided to check out the evening entertainment on the main stage at the poolside. The Hah-r-mony dancers were doing a special Michael Jackson show. We were pleasantly surprised that it, besides the lip-synching Michael, was pretty good. The dancers weren’t always together but they seemed to be having a lot of fun and had a ton of costumes. We stayed for the whole thing.

After the show we got the 10pm shuttle, which was really the 10:40pm shuttle. (We learned during the evening that Jamaica time is about 17 minutes behind Central time, even their cable t.v. schedule runs that way.) At the club we danced up a storm and met some locals who told us more about what Jamaica is like for those who live here and aren’t tourists. Michelle even received a marriage proposal, down on one knee and everything, but we figured her mom wouldn’t like it very much if she came back married. We got back to our room at around 2am and quickly went to sleep since we had to be up early for our day-long tour of Dunn’s River Falls and shopping.

We woke up tired and headed out, feeling like we were college students again on spring break. Our tour bus picked up people from several hotels and we headed out to Ochos Rios, about an hour and a half away. We stopped at a couple of places to do a little shopping, to get some lunch and finally to hike up the falls – not easy in just sneakers and your bathing suit. We survived without a scrape, which is quite an accomplishment for Michelle and I, not being the most graceful of ladies. We headed back to our hotel, took showers and will be having dinner at the Paella restaurant on site tonight. There may just be some more dancing to come! Thanks for checking in!

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