I used to live in California and I didn’t really like it – although I was living in Riverside, which explains half of it. I, however, love to visit. (I guess there are those places better to visit, than to live full-time, right?) This trip I am back in Pasadena visiting my aunt and uncle. The weather is perfect – sunny and high 70s. The food has been the best. Check it out:

Dinner at O2 in Pasadena. Yellowtail sashimi and (not pictured) – ootoro. I have never had sashimi like that before, it required no chewing, just melted in your mouth.
Lunch at Gladstones in Malibu. Beautiful ocean views and this fresh calamari and wedge salad, which wasn’t very wedge-like at all. Very yummy!
Dinner at Maison Akira – a French/Japanese fusion, just when you thought you’d seen everything. This creation was spring roasted veggies in filo with portobello ravioli in a beet coulis.
Our dessert art at Maison Akira. Front – flourless chocolate cake and in back, a berry/ice cream/caramel cage creation.
I promise I have done more than eat my way through California. More on all that tomorrow, including the trip to the solar plant and the singing road!

I love catching birds in flight. Thanks for checking in!

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