I haven’t done a roundup of the latest travel-related news in awhile. I have come across a few articles lately that I had to share, if you hadn’t come across them already.

  1. Spirit Airlines is now charging you $5 to print out a boarding pass. You can still print it at home for free.
  2. Pilot trash-talking flight attendants – namely that only 1 in 12 are suitable dating material for him.
  3. TSA has adjusted their procedures for patting down your children.
  4. Want to move faster through security lines? It may be coming soon for $100-$150 and a background check.
  5. Every worried about people stealing your luggage? How about while you were flying? Luckily this guy was caught while inside a suitcase, literally, before he could take anything.

Have a great week and thanks for checking out the blog today. I have a lot of exciting things to share this week so hope to see you again soon!

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