Awhile back, I had shared a post about my husband, Brian, and my different styles in travel, and life. Things haven’t changed much over the years. As we have continued to travel together, we have struck a good balance of how we go about planning the trips we take together. Either Brian or I plan the trip as a gift to the other person (by far the easiest and most fun way) OR we plan it together (where we try to find some middle ground).

Brian’s style tends to be more laid-back and “vacation-y;” while I lean towards kooky and adventurous. As we go through websites and guidebooks, Brian does reasonable things like seeing how far apart things are, what the fine print is, how much things really cost, and what’s in season. I read ‘igloo’ and figure there’s probably a slight possibility we can make that happen in July in XYZ place. Brian can peruse things for hours, while I start getting impatient and defer to Brian’s decisions (where I secretly hope he’ll read my mind, we’re soon to celebrate our 11 year anniversary after all). Brian picks things he probably would rather not do and I give in on activities I worry will make me sleepy.

Despite all this, we end up making a pretty good team and the results are a well-balanced, quirky vacation for both of us. Luckily, some things we easily agree on are trying new things, enjoying great food, and finding good drinks. We are in the homestretch of finalizing our summer vacation to Vancouver in July, YAY!, and we have some pretty fun ideas/plans to share, but I guess, for now, I can pretend to be patient and wait until tomorrow when things are actually finalized. Thanks for checking in!

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