Our spare bedroom is a disaster. My goal over the weekend was to put all necessary objects into the “packing room”. This included clothes (that still need to be treated), pocket knife, jacket – basically everything I need. I am trying to determine what is still missing. I picked up some individual packets of Gatorade powder on my way home from work today. In the middle of this post I grabbed a handful of clothespins and threw them in too. I also pre-washed my micro-fiber towel this weekend, as the tag suggested.

I think I still need to get some rope – not sure what for, but they suggested you bring “plenty” of it. Hmm, they also recently suggested that you pack a tent repair kit. I don’t know about you, but in all my years of camping and backpacking I have never had to repair a tent. Even camping on the point on Eagle Island during a thunderstorm.

Looking into the room, I realize that I have a good start on things. I am going to pull out the Azafady “Survival Guide” and cross-check my stuff sometime this week. (If it’s their list, does it count as me making a list?) I think I may have gone overboard with twenty pairs of clean underwear but we’ll see what fits.

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