On Sunday we woke up and relaxed a bit before heading home. I decided to take a little walk to find the most photographed door in Palm Springs. Along the way, I came across some beautiful cactuses like this one.

And these beauties!

I loved this tree and turquoise door.

This is the most photographed door in Palm Springs – the pink door. I was a little sad that the sun was throwing shadows, but I think you can still see how pretty it is. Also, I wore my workout clothes and headphones and just pretended I was one of the fancy neighbors, just out admiring the view.

I also couldn’t pass up taking a picture of this door – complete with inflatable champagne bottles and glitter pink inner tubes around the lion sculptures’ heads.

Finally, a huge thanks to all of the five lovely ladies for making the weekend unforgettable and fun! It’s so nice to be able to meet your friend’s friends, especially when you live in a different town.

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