The proprietors of the spheres gave us a hand-drawn map of a hike that they recommended. They said it would take us about two-three hours depending on whether we took the long way or not. We opted for the long way, and enjoyed the quiet woods which we had all to ourselves – minus a few birds, a couple of grazing horses and perhaps a hiding bear or two.
Old growth trees and moss abounded – this is just to give you some scale on things.
Being on an island, we had easy access to the water as well. We hooked up with Island Surf Company for a little stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) around Qualicum Beach. It was easy until the tide started coming in and then, despite paddling like crazy, we just stayed in one place. I have one palm blister and a barnacle cut to the foot to show for our efforts.

After our hike (day 2) and SUPing (day 3), we headed back for the ferry to the mainland to start our Vancouver part of the adventure. (Queue the food pics to come.) On Vancouver Island we had pretty normal food, nothing to write home about, but if you’re in the area sometime, we would recommend Lefty’s, Shady Rest, and the ice cream stand along 19A. Thanks for checking in!

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