It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes Brian and I go our separate ways out of town. I was bummed to miss out on Austin this past weekend but I had a nice weekend of my own up in Minnesota. In a blog first, Brian agreed to share his photos and what he found down in Texas, when he wasn’t busy attending TXJS. Here’s what he reported:

  1. He started his trip off with lunch in the Dallas airport at Urban Taco. (“The tacos were good but small, you would have liked it.”)
  2. He checked into the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel. (“It was fine. Apparently the locals just call it The Stephen F.”)
  3. He thought about going to the art museum across the street. (He didn’t make it.)
  4. Dinner Night 1 – Frank (Brian was excited that this place was featured in this Google Chrome commercial. “I thought it looked familiar after I walked inside the place. I was just looking for a hot dog.”)
  5. The first night he was there, one of the conference sponsors had a pre-party at The Ginger Man. (“They had lots of beers on tap.”)
  6. The conference took place at the Alamo Draft House on Lamar. (Interestingly enough, the Alamo Draft House is taking over the AMC 6 in KC, you can read more on that here.)
  7. The second night, the conference had dinner and a party at a bowling alley called The Highball. Brian thought it was cool that it was so low-tech. (“We had to fill out our scores with a pencil.”)
  8. Music was everywhere and he took some in on his way around town. He also stopped into Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.
9. Prior to leaving home, Brian had Yelped a coffee place that he could stop by on his way to the conference. Brian’s Brew sells wood-fired coffee and is located inside a Bank of America building. While it was a little hard to find, Brian said it was delicious and really inexpensive. The first time he went a customer was telling the guy he should charge more. He went back the next day to help business.
    10. On the last day, Brian walked around town and visited the Capital building. This was a pretty impressive shot with a phone. After the Capital, he had lunch at Casino el Camino. (“It was supposed to have good hamburgers, so that’s why I went there.”)
    And there you have it, Brian’s trip to Austin. (He said he thought about taking pictures of his food, which I consider a success in itself, maybe next time.) Thanks for checking in!

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