As I had mentioned in two previous blog posts – here and here – I am involved with a group people who are partnering with a colonia outside of Jaurez, Mexico called Anapra. We are building relationships with them, while helping out in small ways with supplies, rice and beans and prayer support. I had mentioned in my last post that the violence is very bad in Jaurez (3,075 murders in 2010 alone). This is mostly due to the drug wars. It has been a very scary time there for the past few years.

I was hoping to go and visit at some point in the future, but we are getting the chance to go in a little over two weeks. While we will be unable to cross the border we are planning on some meetings at the fence. I am not sure exactly how that will work but we are hoping to visit friends, talk and share some time together. We will be staying with some nuns at the Sisters of St. Joseph House in El Paso, TX. (I couldn’t find any pictures online but I will take some to share, I’m sure.) The best part is that they have wi-fi so I can keep you updated on our adventures, and safety.

I am excited and nervous about this trip but it is small in comparison to what it must be like to live near this city everyday. Fingers crossed and updates soon. Thanks for checking in!

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