This past week I was in D.C. for my Public Policy residency. Between learning sessions, field trips and late nights of quality time with my classmates, I found no time for blogging. The day before I left town I got a formal offer for my new job*, which I start tomorrow and my free time (with two weeks left of school) is narrow. I almost skipped the recap but I know at least my mom is wondering what we did all week. Here it is in random order:

  • Touring the monuments at night, which I had never done before
  • Touring the Pentagon, which my dad (retired from the U.S. Coast Guard) had never even done
  • Listening to a pre-Presidential debate between Joe McLean and Bay Buchanan, followed by dinner at the National Press Club
  • Lunching at the Capitol Hill Club while listening to Sallie James from the Cato Institute talk about trade policy
  • Checking out the new Visitor’s Center at the Capitol before our tour
  • Interviewing representatives from Senator McCaskill, Senator Blunt and Congressman Cleaver’s offices for our project
  • Simulating a freshman Congressman’s first year on the Hill via a computer program
  • Learning about lobbyists (Ben McKay), the political party process (Mickey Edwards), the Middle East (Marc Ginsberg), the role of the media in politics (Steve V. Roberts) and federal budgeting (Jeff Holland)
  • Figuring out what the problems are in Washington – divisions/polarity between parties, fundraising, re-redistricting and the economy
  • Finding out where my classmates stand on the issues through conversations and debates

In all, it was a great week, albeit tiring, and I am looking forward to finishing up this class and being halfway done with school. Thanks for checking in!

*In case you couldn’t hear my cheering from where you might be, I am the new Digital Marketing Programs Manager for!

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