Bit 1 ~ Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite friend’s blogs and I kept thinking how genius her post was and how I wanted to share it with anyone who doesn’t read her blog. My friends are relocating from KC to Baltimore for ten months and have two of the cutest/smartest/funniest little girls on earth. They wanted to find a way to keep the girls busy so my friend Katie crafted these for them:

These binders are chock full of creative activities and excitement. You can read all the details here.

Bit 2 ~ We are leaving for New York City this morning and best of all I found out that the tickets Brian booked are direct! In addition to our trip out to Governors Island and meeting up with some friends from college, we have wide open spaces of time to enjoy and explore the city.

Bit 3 ~ I just discovered this week that TSA has a blog. If you want to know all they want you to know about TSA you can check it out here.

Bob 1 ~ Last year I got kind of spoiled (okay fine, fully spoiled) and spent Thanksgiving in Lanai, HI with Brian. I realize that with me not working and in school, the budget is not as accommodating of my adventurous ideas for this Thanksgiving. However, I just can’t get this place out my head:

This Airbnb “private jungle villa with pool”, located in Costa Rica, looks like the perfect place to spend a holiday with my hubby. High in the trees and away from it all, for $49/night it’s hard to pass up. You can see more photos here and maybe if you book it for Thanksgiving weekend I will have to give up my quest for it by default. My budget will thank you!

Bob 2 ~ This doesn’t seem that impressive, Kansas City was just voted #17 in Travel and Leisure’s “America’s Best Cities for Foodies”. Not impressive at all until you look at the cities ahead of it! Whoa, go KC. Yummy!

Thanks for checking in and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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