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The boat dock on Grand Lake.
Scenery from my run along Grand Lake Stream.
An unplanned, two-day trip to Portland with my dad took place in the middle of the week. My birthday cake, served in a hospital waiting room while waiting on my grandpa’s test results – so far, he’s stabilized. We made it back to the lake on my birthday just in time for ice cream cake (not pictured). I’ve been coming to this lake, off and on, for the past 30 years, makes me feel old!
The view from the shore of Grand Lake, five steps from our cabin door.
Our cabin, just to the left of the closest tree.
For 20 years, there has been a folk art festival over the weekend of my birthday with art, canoes, music and food.
My family getting ready for a swim – my dad has the blue noodles and I have the purple ones.
Taking a sunset ride in my dad’s canoe.
Sunset boat spray.
On our way to the airport, we stopped by Eagle’s Nest Restaurant for some “breakfast” lobster rolls. Not a conventional choice, but tasty. Thanks for stopping by!

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