Billed as the “the nation’s most ambitious conference on innovation and entrepreneurship”, I think overall Big Omaha delivered. I have to say that as a non-profit professional I was not the target audience, as my coding skills are limited to a C++ class I had to take to graduate from college and I have never used the words ‘venture’ and ‘capitalist’ together in a sentence before right now. But as an aspiring social good entrepreneur, I definitely found value in the speakers who presented – both for my daily work and my dreams for work in the future.

I was particularly struck by the conversations around the sacrifices both personally and professionally that need to be addressed with any new venture that you are going to be devoting your life to. Several of the presenters shared more than others on their personal approach to handling trying to “kill it” at work and leave time for themselves and their families. Either way, it’s something you need to consider.

Some of the best takeaways were:

  • “Before you go to college listen to your parents, after college listen to yourself.” ~ Ben Huh (Cheezburger Network)
  • Learning about Samasource – who offers outsourced work tasks to individuals in developing countries
  • “Failure is okay as long as you don’t die.” ~ Dan Martell (Flowtown)
  • “Life should be about the collection of experiences, not materials.” ~ Shervin Pishevar (Social Gaming Network)
  • “This is the century for the rest of the world and we need to pay attention.” ~ Sarah Lacy (TechCrunch)
  • A free copy of Sarah Lacy’s new book Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky
  • Discovering the Dear World photo project
  • More about how to have an entrepreneurial approach to education – teach kids to code, give kids the option of self-directed learning, customize individual paced learning
  • Time to hang out with friends and have discussions about the state of the world, the concept of starting up, and whatever else came up, leads to more productive thoughts in general
  • And finally, if you give a speaker a standing ovation at the beginning of their talk – you’ll get their best talk ever!

 Thanks for checking in – tomorrow we’re going to the zoo!

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