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We started off Friday with a live taping of The Today Show – well Brian’s parents and I did. Brian joined us right before the full cast joined us out in the rain for a quick segment. We didn’t get there at 5:30am, so we weren’t on television but we still had fun.

Next up was Ess-a-bagel for some breakfast. Real NY-style bagels with any topping you could ever think of? Yes please! I had cucumber, tomato, and cheddar cream cheese on an onion bagel. Brian had herb cream cheese and lox on a plain bagel. I wish we’d brought some home!

To avoid the rain, we headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s such a beautiful church – the pipe organ is particularly pretty.

We walked about an hour and a half to Ivan Ramen for lunch – both to kill time and burn off calories. We got a great table in the back and I ordered the vegetarian ramen. It wasn’t as fancy as all the meat-eaters ramen, but it was good. (Also, this is another chef/restaurant featured in Netflix’s Chef’s Table series.)

The Tenement Museum was our next stop. Brian and I had been before but we picked a new tour, “Under One Roof.” It was a more modern version of life in a tenement building in NYC. The building we were in (pictured above) was inhabited until 2013. The tour was good, but we really loved the first tour we did there, “Irish Outsiders.”

Afterwards, we went to Sagaponack Bar & Grill (now closed) for dinner. I had the ‘Shroom Burger. A cheesy-filled portobello mushroom with lettuce and tomato, pesto fries, and a tasty salad.

We ended our day with a play, The Seafarer, at the Irish Repertory Theater. Brian and I had seen a play by the same playwright in college, so we thought it would be fun to see another, and Matthew Broderick was in it, so that was fun. The play was pretty dark but very good.

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