After the events described in yesterday’s post, our day continued with a trip to the Key Lime Shoppe for some Chocolate Covered Key Lime Pie on a Stick. It was delicious!
Stef and I by the water at the Sunset Festival.
Every night in Key West the daylight ends with the Sunset Festival. In addition to the beautiful views of the sun setting over the water, there is also a mini street fair with performers, artisans and people watching. Very fun time.
After the sunset festival we had some pizza and headed up to the rooftop bar at our hotel for a beverage. Patrick, the bartender, made this amazingly smooth Key West Lemonade cocktail that he was willing to share with you:

1 part citrus vodka

1 part raspberry vodka
1 part sour mix
1 part cranberry
Splash of soda water

Shake with ice and serve.

We then headed to our walking ghost tour with Jay from The Original Ghost Tours. I have to say that I was not that scared, which was fine by me – especially after having gone on a really scary one in Savannah that had me putting glasses of water around the room to keep away the ghosts I didn’t believe in. It was however, historical and interesting and our tour guide was great. We met him after the tour at a local bar to hear more stories. Somehow that adventure lasted until 5:30am. I can honestly say I can’t remember anytime that I stayed out that late. But you only live once and if you go to Key West, why not, right? Thanks for checking in!

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