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Growing up in South Portland, I never spent a lot of time in Bangor (a two hour drive away). All I really knew about it was that it housed the “other” airport and the “other” mall in Maine. (Yes, you read that correctly, as the other of each are in South Portland.) I had been there over the years to pass through or to play state championships of tennis or run track. So, I was excited to have a little more time to explore the “other” big city in Maine.

Our first stop, with Brian’s family still in tow, was to Friars’ Bakehouse (now closed) where the “Best Whoopie Pie in Maine” can be had. The Franciscan monks did not disappoint.

We then dropped off our bags at our Airbnb and walked downtown for some lunch. We had a nice lunch, right out of Italy, at Giacomo’s.

After lunch we walked around the shops downtown. In case you can’t read the photos very well, the notebook says, “He offered her the world. She said she had her own.” The super comfy t-shirt says, “It has something to do with giving back, while moving forward.”

There were lots of other great shops, restaurants and bars we walked past but didn’t have time to visit properly. A couple in particular that we would like to try next time are:

  1. Nocturnem – a draft haus that features hard-to-find beers. They had a Japanese ginger infused pale ale that I wanted to try.
  2. Bangor Wine & Cheese – we were limited by our luggage when it came to actually buying much.
  3. Bangor Outdoor Market – this outdoor gathering of vendors and live music on Thursdays runs for 10 weeks each summer.
  4. American Retro – the weather was just too nice to go inside and look at clothes, but I’m definitely checking this place out next time.

Finally, we ended our day with dinner at The Fiddlehead Restaurant. It was everything a meal should be. Amazing food, drinks and service – all under one roof. In random order:

  1. My main course – a dill pollen dusted salmon filet (amazing flavor)
  2. Our shared dessert – a lemon tart with a blueberry coulis
  3. Brian enjoying his Foghorn (a mojito with ginger ale)
  4. The most amazing tomato bisque and an egg/pine-nut/honey salad
  5. A lemoncello margarita – so good, I had to have two.

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