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The first time I wrote a guide for setting up your home bar, I included mixing glasses as optional. I know! My own journey as a home bartender has helped me learn and grow my cocktail making and knowledge. Along with that has come a love of stirred cocktails. It’s no secret than an Old Fashioned is one of my favorite drinks, as evidenced by the number of versions I’ve shared. Finding a cocktail mixing glass that you love is key to creating your favorite stirred drinks. Here are a few mixing glasses that I own and love, including an amazing mixing tin. The mixing tin is a work of art on its own, but also is quite functional. And, no, one can’t have too many mixing glasses!

1. A Bar Above Modern Mixing Glass

This mixing glass was the second one I owned. It’s reasonably priced, dishwasher safe, and is rounded nicely at the bottom for ease of mixing. The base is nicely weighted which helps prevent it from tipping over easily. Seamless construction makes it durable and suitable for use in both professional and home bars. The size (18oz) makes it perfect for stirring two drinks at once. I have had mine and have used it weekly for almost two years and it still looks like new.

2. Bull in China ARTISAN Series Mixing Glass

cocktail mixing glass from bull in china

This artisan mixing vessel is hand-blown in Portland, Oregon. Since each one is expertly crafted, no two are alike. While the price is definitely a bit of an investment, the quality is evident and makes a perfect gift. This mixing glass was the first product that started Bull in China as a company, featured here as well. The beautiful texture on the outside is caused by shocking the glass after it has been blown with cold water. It has a 22oz capacity, which makes it easy to mix up 2-3 cocktails at a time.

3. Crew Supply Co. Craft Tech Mixing Glass

best mixing glass from crew supply company

This big beauty boasts a full liter capacity! You can easily mix up a batch of Manhattans all at once. The mixing glass is made with Craft Tech Glass which makes it lightweight but sturdy. While it lacks some of the ornamentation of the other mixing glasses, it makes up for in sleekness. It’s virtually invisible so you can store it anywhere. And, given its size, you could easily use it as a vase when you’re not stirring up drinks.

4. Viski Crystal Mixing Glass and

5. Viski Admiral Mixing Glass

This 500mL crystal beauty looks great on display or in use. With a heavy base, it stays steady when you are mixing a drink regardless of your deftness with a bar spoon. I love the cross hatch design and the clarity of the crystal. The only drawback is that it’s technically not dishwasher safe, but that will just keep it looking great for years. The Admiral Mixing Glass (on the right) is dishwasher safe with a slightly different design but the same features overall.

5. Cocktail Kingdom Seamless Paddle Mixing Glass

This mixing glass was the first one I ever purchased. With a 19oz capacity, it’s closer in size to most standard mixing glasses. It has a perfectly rounded base for your bar spoon to easily mix your drinks. The glass has some frosted etchings, so you might stick to hand-washing it. I love the design and it’s easy to pack for making drinks on the go!

6. Mixtin Stirring Tin

mixtin mixing glass tin

This double-walled mixing tin is one of my favorite bar tools. I have this version with a cherry blossom design. This is the same tin with a different pattern if you want something more classic. I have seen this at many local cocktail shops if you are looking for one. It has a 22oz capacity and is the easiest mixing option for taking with you to a cabin or a tailgate.

Now that you have one or more of the best mixing glasses, learn how to stir properly. While the concept is simple, there is a correct way that will have you creating a perfectly stirred cocktail. And, every great mixing glass deserves a good strainer and bar spoon; check out my recommendations.

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