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Started off today with this breakfast panini (egg, cheese, tomato) and flat white at Good Earth Coffee. It was -26 degrees F out when we left the hotel to walk to the restaurant. BRR!!

I dropped Brian off at Lake Louise Ski Resort and headed out for some solo cross-country skiing adventures. (In case you missed it in past posts, I am not a fan of heights or the ski lift. Since I grew up cross-country skiing, Banff was a perfect place for both of us to find what we wanted.) I didn’t come across a single person all morning on the trails.

After finishing up my skiing for the day, I headed back to the lodge to find Brian for lunch. The place was swarming with people, so we went to one of the sit-down restaurants, Kuma Yama. I had the Grizzly Bear roll (avocado, salmon sashimi, spicy salmon salad), the jalapeño yellowtail and a tiny bottle of prosecco. I sat and read for a bit while Brian finished up his last runs of the day. 

Brian’s backcountry mountain view before skiing down.

On our way to/from Lake Louise back to Banff, I kept seeing people stop and take pictures here. There was no one waiting when we drove back to our hotel so I hopped out and Brian took this shot of me swinging between letters.

After hot showers and walking around looking for the perfect (yet-to-be-found) Canadian ski hat, we headed to Bear Street Tavern for some pizza. Brian had the one on top (the Big Bird) and I made my own (spicy marinara, cheese, and pineapple). It was a cozy way to end an action-packed day!

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