I am in the middle of studying for a looming financial accounting exam and trying to get over writer’s block for an economics term paper, so naturally I am also thinking about taking a vacation. Ever since I got the gift of miles from my old job, I keep thinking about where to go and how to use them. As I peruse through options, I am realizing just how difficult airlines make it to use frequent flier miles and I get discouraged and get back to my studies, or in this particular moment, blogging.

Then other thoughts come along, like the fact that Brian just realized that he has 40,000 Delta miles, thanks to a quick last minute online purchase to keep them from expiring. I also have 40,000 Delta miles. So, I think the best plan would be to take the gift of 50,000 miles and split them between the two of us and get away to some place good like Europe or something like that. Of course, then the challenge is finding the time to get away from both our jobs, school, etc. in a way that is advantageous to both of us.

That’s when I give up again and wander in a new direction, wondering what I am doing back in school. I ponder if it would have been better to have just spent my time traveling to get the experience I will need for the work I want to do later on. And then I remember that I am practical and do things by the book, for the most part, and that I am making the right decision – while simultaneously trying not to calculate how far the money spent on tuition could have taken me.

Sometimes I think about whether this book is right and all the experience you need can be had in an un-schooling sort of way. And then I admit to myself that this is why it’s good I am in school – because I always want to know more about everything and I’m a sucker for a challenge. I just need to find a little balance…oh yeah, and some patience. Thanks for stopping by!

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