My list of upcoming trips (seen to the right) has now grown to 10. People often ask me if I get tired of traveling – there have been many trips over the past few years – but the truth is that it is exciting for me. I may be delusional – and for that insight you could ask Brian – but I think I am more well-adjusted when my surroundings are changing a little bit all the time. I love seeing new places, having time to reflect while doing life on the road and feel a sense of freedom getting to have adventures that usually are related to work or goals for my life in general.

The best thing about the trips I have planned is that Brian Beard* will be on at least three of them with me! Traveling with B.S.B. is a lot of fun. He, as in many other aspects of our life, is the total opposite of me. He brings with him his laid-back attitude and just rolls with everything as it comes. To any outsider I am sure we look like the Odd Couple, which I guess sometimes we are, but we have a good time together.

Traveling with Brian is a little like this:  I walk fast through the airport while Brian takes his time and shows up to the gate ten minutes after I do. I pack snacks, things to read and pack my iPod with things to watch and Brian takes a nap. I get into the rental car plug in all the adapters, chargers, GPS, etc. and check for scratches while Brian is somewhere getting the bags and using the restroom. I have an agenda while Brian sees things along the way that look neat.

The best thing is that Brian encourages me to stray from the itinerary when he knows I am tired and never makes me feel bad about missing something that we thought would be really great to do – even if we’ve already paid for it. It kills me to do that, but I am thankful for him stepping in. It’s nice to have someone to save you from yourself sometimes. Thanks Brian Beard, you’re the best!

*Brian is my husband for those of you new to the blog.

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