The first book on my reading list for Liberia talked about a concept called “collaborative consumption” whereby the current economy will shift to everyone sharing, renting or selling each other their stuff. I thought this was a pretty interesting concept and they listed some examples of how this kind of economy would work – or is working now. I loved that it would not only do the environment a favor (not creating so many new products, buildings, etc.) but it would also save people money – double bonus.

As we were celebrating Father’s Day with my in-laws last night, we started to talk about the details of our upcoming trip to Maine and I realized Brian and I needed a place to stay near the airport for one night on our way back to KC. I looked up hotels on our drive home and anything that didn’t look too sketchy was at least $120. Since we have a 6:30am flight we won’t even be there very long so that much money seemed like a waste. I took the opportunity to finally look up one of the sites that the book had mentioned,

Many of you may already be familiar with this site but if you’re not, like I wasn’t until recently, allow me to explain. Basically the site allows individuals to rent out places like a room, an RV in their back yard or their boat to people looking for a place to stay. The site handles the payment and allows people to rate the places they have stayed, as well as personally vouch for patrons as decent house-guests, or not. It’s a step up from CouchSurfing, which allows you to find a place to crash for free, but not as fancy as a bed and breakfast, although, some reviews say that their hosts included that too.

So, I found a place that sounded great (for only $40 for the two of us) and put in a request to stay there. It’s close to the airport (an $8 cab ride away), had two good reviews and the owner of the apartment looked nice. Just waiting to hear back from the site if our stay request was approved by the owner. Also, if we decide to list our house as a place people could stay, we could save $17 off our first stay. I do love a deal but I’m not sure many people are looking for a room in our town, maybe I should list it and see. Have a great week!

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