The sound of wild turkeys in trees woke us at 6am. We made our way to breakfast (I had macadamia nut brioche French toast) and then it was off to Lanai City (which is named that, but is more like a hamlet in size). We got some sandwiches for a picnic and rented an orange (yah!) Jeep to explore the island. Since the island is 98% privately owned there is not a lot to see, just a lot of open land and hard to reach beaches. 
Our Jeep on the beach. Top was down most of the drive down and filled our lungs with red dirt.
We made it out to the northern part of the island to see the Garden of the Gods (not as impressive as Colorado, BSB said) and to Polihua Beach. It took an hour and a half to get out there (10.6 miles) over very bumpy, windy roads that reminded me of Africa. The sand on the beach was very coarse and the wind picked up and “sandblasted” us as we ran back to get in the car.
Leaping at Garden of the Gods.
We ventured to the other side of the island to see Shipwreck Beach and then dropped off the Jeep. We went back to the resort to go swimming and attended happy hour, complete with local music. After some table top shuffle board we dined outside. The temperature held steady around 75 all day. The necessity of this vacation was clear to me when we both realized that we had forgotten many critical items (sunglasses and dress sandals for Brian and pants, skirts, jacket, etc. for me). I mostly packed books and magazines I guess. Oh well, we will probably make it. 
P.S. Mom, the coolest thing at the Four Seasons is the tiny packages of Woolite with the toiletries so I can properly wash out my swimsuit. I knew you would want to know that my travel laundry needs were being met!

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