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In my last post I promised to bring you some of my favorite things and fun times that I had in between the work. I thought the views from so many of the homes were surreal, like postcards.

One night, a group of us escaped basecamp for Red Hook, where the expats live and play. It was weird to walk into more of a resort area but the tropical beverages (complete with fuzzy lobster stir stick) were delicious. And, we stopped for ice cream on the way back to our taxi!

One of the volunteers in our group rented this tiki boat for our one-day weekend, which was also my last full day. It had room for 300 people, so all of the volunteers, staff, and community members were invited along. There was a steel drum band playing the whole time. It was a lot of fun.

We sailed around the bay where the cruise ships pull into the island and then headed into Honeymoon Bay on Water Island for lunch and a swim.

I couldn’t stop taking photos of the water near the beach. So pretty!!

And probably the best part of my trip was meeting incredible people – both locals and volunteers. These two ladies, Holly (left) and Lise (right), were two of my favorites. We laughed and chatted non-stop after they arrived. I also met lots of other awesome people too (although they’re not pictured) — thanks so much for your warmth and general awesomeness, y’all! I have a strong feeling I’ll be seeing some of you again soon.

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