This morning I got up earlier than humans should and headed to the airport for a quick flight up to Milwaukee. I had a nice visit with the Youth Volunteer Corps of Racine, WI. I got to meet their new Program Director who was off to a great start, and to say goodbye to their Executive Director who is retiring (which was really sad after nine years of knowing her). We had lunch at Spinnakers on Lake Michigan with a great view.

Lake Michigan, from the shores of Racine.

I headed back to Milwaukee and checked into my hotel for a conference I have a booth at. The Crowne Plaza Hotel by the airport is highly recommended by me due to the following:

  1. You can get the local root beer in their hotel snack shop – and they have a snack shop.
  2. They have FREE wireless and wired internet.
  3. Separate living room from bedroom – it’s just nice not to sleep where you are working.
  4. They have the good cable channels – not 50 ESPNs, but HGTV!
  5. The room was clean and recently renovated, more boutique than standard style hotel.
  6. Digital, easy to program thermostat.

After checking in and setting up my booth, I headed to Wauwatosa to visit one of Brian’s Aunts and family. We ate pizza at a place called Cranky Al’s (thanks Irene and Mike!) which has something to do with him hand-cranking donuts as well as being a little cranky. Al made several announcements on a microphone throughout our meal about random things. It was quirky and one of those things I love about small towns, you never know what will happen.

Cranky Al with one of his famous apple fritters and a maple donut.
After dinner we headed back to Mike & Irene’s and Henry and Arthur (Brian’s cousins) got started on some bathroom demolition. Here they are getting ready to bust up the tile floor, which ended up being more delicate than I was imagining. This was nice as it allowed the adults to have a pleasant conversation at the same time.

After the demolition was done for the night, Arthur read us a chapter from his book for school and I headed back to my hotel for a much needed sleep after being up for 18 hours. Tomorrow I am going in search of the best Wisconsin cheese curds I can find. Thanks for checking in!

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