On the grand scale of airports I would say Charles de Gaulle (Paris) is technically the coolest airport I have ever been in – both for architecture and fancy shops. After CDG, most airports are sort of the same to me. Every once in awhile I am surprised to be in one that has a cool store or eatery, but never one that makes me walk back through it to take photos because I liked it so much. That is until we were leaving Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

After going five days, on vacation no less, without any sort of latte or fancy coffee was making me crave one more than normal. When we walked into the Coffee & Spice Shop I was excited to see they had all kinds of espresso drink options. While the prices throughout the airport were consistently as low or lower than the tourist trap shops we had visited, the iced hazelnut latte I decided on was $6.50 US – a bit steep even for home. I wavered only slightly over the price and made the plunge. Crafted with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, it did not disappoint.
I’m not even sure I need to explain this one, but yes, it was a tiny Margaritaville inside the airport.
This, and many other shops, all seemed to be independently run – I mean unless there is a chain of stores called Reggae Vibes and in that case it’s still cool. The local books and music available in this airport that likely could not be found elsewhere in the world made me think you could really just fly in, buy all the good stuff and be on your way, although then you’d miss the beaches. This store also had the best birthday card ever that said “Happy Birthday, You Big Doughnut” – maybe I was tired but it made me laugh, but not as much as the next item…
I must have been in that post-vacation delirium but I found the mannequin situation in the shops hilarious. No arms, no hands, no problem mon – only situations! (I also liked the suggestion box behind the girl mannequin. I found it both intriguing and awesome, it definitely contributed to this being my favorite airport.)
Finally, when the going gets tough, the tough get…oh wait, maybe that’s not what this says…

Thanks for stopping by. Also, I wanted to say ‘hi’ to my newest readers, welcome! What’s your favorite airport?

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