As I have been preparing for my trip to Haiti (the day after tomorrow!) I have come across a couple of new things that I am excited to try out in the field. Several of them were already featured in my ‘Wish List‘ post (you can read about my new silk sleep sack, my super lightweight shoes and the wi fi SD card there if you want), thank you elves for those. Here is what is going:

I am not sure these were on my mind because I read that they were good or bad, but I thought I would give them a go. I got one of each flavor in case one seems better than another. They have Omega fatty acids, are low in sugar and are lightweight, so they made the bag.
Because we are limited to carry-on bags, I needed some help with limiting my liquids. Since I need bug-spray and sunscreen, I decided to try some solid shampoo. I am bringing a hat too, just in case that was a bad idea.
It’s been my experience that some places lack adequate trash options and, short of littering, I have thought about packing plastic bags to carry trash until I find a place to dispose properly of things. I figured there must be a biodegradable option out there and found these 3 gallon bags which should be perfect. I can take a few with me and have lots left over for my next adventure.
Finally, my last new thing I am taking is the first season of Pan Am. I saw previews over the summer but with school and work, haven’t had a chance to see it yet. Looking forward to checking it out.

I am restraining myself on how many clothes I pack this time – since it will be in the 90’s during the day, it makes it easy to know what I won’t need – pants, long-sleeved shirts, coats, etc. All of my homework will be done, as of tonight, so I will only carry my Kindle and my iPod. I am really looking forward to this trip, not only to see Haiti and work on this water filtration project, but also to have a break from the busyness that has been the past six months of life. It feels good to be off again, after the streak died in December too! Thanks for checking in!

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