Continuing from where we left off yesterday, I have been doing some research on what else I can use my AAA membership for, in addition to roadside assistance and trip-tiks. (This is not a paid advertisement, so I am going to skip going into detail about the products and services that I probably wouldn’t use, and stick to the things that you might like too.) I also wanted to mention that I discovered a AAA Discounts Android app while researching, which I think could be helpful while traveling to find discounts. I’m adding it to my favorite travel apps list.

Here are the perks I found, in alphabetical order:

  1. Airport parking discounts – in KC they offer 10-15% off at Thrifty and The Parking Spot. I park in the economy lot since it’s the cheapest but if you like your parking fancy then this is for you!
  2. Amtrak – save 10% (w/3 day advance purchase). I have never taken Amtrak before but maybe that would be a fun trip idea for the blog!
  3. Attraction Discounts – everything from discounted AMC movie tickets to discount lift tickets in Lake Tahoe to a skip the line ticket at Guinness Brewery in Dublin.
  4. Auto parts – a random 7% discount at Napa Auto Parts. I guess that sort of cancels out tax, woohoo tax-free wiper blades here I come!
  5. Cruises – discount booking and deals.
  6. Discounts – assorted discounts on online shopping, vacation booking, etc. There is a printable list of discounts so I can keep them all straight.
  7. eTourBook Guides – 30 U.S. cities and growing. (for Kindle, iPad, nook, etc.) I’ve mentioned my love of travel books before, so this is by far my favorite new feature found – excited to use one.
  8. Hotel Discounts – Varies. I mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s worth mentioning again because I think this is one of the more significant ways to actually save money with AAA.
  9. SuperShuttle – $2 each way. Stoked because I have been using this for work lately and anything to save a non-profit money is great! 

So, there you have it, and yes there’s more if you want to check it out. I also found that they have a Twitter account – maybe I’ll follow along to watch them evolve for the next generation of members. Thanks for checking in!

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