As a kid, my relationship with AAA consisted of trip-tiks (I think that’s what they were called) that my mom would order from the local AAA office. They would come in bulky packages in the mail and contained pre-highlighted maps that had the driving route of wherever we were going (always in orange highlighter) along with “fun facts” about the places we would be driving through. I don’t remember always appreciating my mom sharing the fun facts, as I recall, but I did learn a lot about tiny towns and rivers as we went along the Eastern seaboard.

When I bought my first car my sophomore year in college – an ’87 Pontiac Sunbird – my parents advised me to get AAA for any roadside assistance I might need between Maine and Rochester, NY. And did I ever make use of that! Unfortunately, I broke down every other time I was driving home from school and the repairs ranged from minor to rebuilding part of the engine after it threw some rods or pins (whatever that means). The car was passed along to my brother when I moved out to California after my wedding.

Brian had bought a used minivan in college and we took that to California, stuffed to the ceiling with things that wouldn’t fit in our U-Haul that we were driving across country. As the van grew older, and we sunk more money into it, we were saved constantly by the AAA tow truck. Now we have two pretty reliable cars, knock on wood, but we still keep our AAA membership just in case we ever need anything.

I like to get what I pay for, and since I hopefully won’t need any tow service soon, I started to think about what else I might be able to get from my membership to AAA*. When I blogged about using it to save money on a hotel reservation a month ago, I vowed to read more about it. Then I saw a commercial today at a restaurant and it reminded me to look into it more. I think I might missing out on some things – as I know they are more than just a tow service and a way to get hotel discounts. Heck, when I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame last week, I saved $2 with my card! Tomorrow I will share what my research turned up. Thanks for checking in!

*This is, as always, my opinion, and I am not being paid by AAA. In fact, I just paid them my annual dues a couple of days ago.

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