Today we went to three of my favorite places in Maine. The first was “the rapids” – really called Limington Falls, but it’s a mighty river so the first name was fitting. My grandfather – aka Bumpa – used to take my brother and I there in the summer and let us swim in the river while adequately warning us repeatedly that people drown there every summer. I was mostly too scared to venture too far into the river but it was always nice to cool off a little.

The second place is Prout’s Neck where Winslow Homer’s studio is. A great view full of huge, beautiful beach homes.

The third place is my most favorite, Kettle Cove. I’ve always liked that it is a park you didn’t have to pay to enter with a view of all the lobster boats, and some traps (pictured here). Hiking trails and boardwalks run all around and there are beaches on both sides of the parking lot. Best of all it rarely seems crowded. The best part, to all who have been there, is the Kettle Cove ice cream place right down the road that serves peanut butter Oreo ice cream, but alas, only in the summer.

Kettle Cove

P.S. Thanks to my mom for the blog title.

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