After walking around the Strip for a day or two you start running out of options – besides eating and shopping, of course. We decided to spend the day looking for some random and cheap fun, which we found. Here’s what was on the agenda:

The last time we visited Las Vegas we stayed at the Bellagio. We were able to see the fountains from our window but that didn’t compare to seeing the show from the sidewalk.
We walked down the Strip to see the two newest hotels – the Aria and the Cosmopolitan. Next to the Aria there were several galleries. We stopped in and admired the latest work of Chihuly, the same artist that made the ceiling sculptures in the Bellagio.
We stopped at a discount ticket broker and bought some tickets to the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor – mostly because I wanted to go see the Luxor and it seemed like a better idea to go down there for two reasons. They wouldn’t allow photography inside the exhibition, so you’ll just have to imagine the giant iceberg they had inside that you could touch. Also, we were handed a character card when we arrived and were told to check and see if you lived at the end on the survivor’s board. I was very excited that both Brian and I lived – although it was weird, other people sort of looked at me strange when I was cheering.
We signed a waiver saying we wouldn’t talk about it too much, but Brian and I did take two surveys each and scored $40 in paper checks. We taste-tested beer and a t.v. show I hope will never air.
We had dinner at Joe’s (not Crabshack) and then dessert – yummy peanut butter pie and a latte. A pretty good way to end the day. We walked our legs off and were asleep before 11. Thanks for checking in!

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