To some, my choice of a holiday in Vegas sounds odd. But it’s one of those destinations where you have little choice but to relax. Since we don’t gamble, drink until the wee hours of the night (usually) or chase down women – we get to find the other gems that Vegas has to offer. This consists mainly of good entertainment (like comedian, Jim Gaffigan last night), delicious food (our dinner at First Food and Bar) and some good local stuff (like Ethel M Chocolate’s where you can take a tour). Every now and then you need one of those getaways where you have nothing to do but sleep in and eat too much – you’re not missing out on too many once-in-a-lifetime moments. Here are a few photos from our day:

The Strip is alive with the hum of the holidays. The Venetian in particular had gone all out to welcome in the Christmas season. This giant tree caught my eye. It was even cooler at night – with each glass ball lighting up four different colors and the tree base lighting up silver underneath. We spent most of the day walking around with the Black Friday crowds. We scored a new pair of jeans for Brian at 40% off, which in our household was a double win.
Our dinner at First (in the Palazzo) was incredible. It redeemed Vegas food after a lackluster meal the night before at the Harrah’s Oyster Bar (not even blog-worthy, people). I had a gimlet with some fresh ginger, the chopped Cobb salad, the Doritos Mac N Cheese and half of Brian’s homemade doughnut sundae. I was so full at the end that I felt a little sick, but it was worth it!

After dinner we headed to the Mirage to see a very funny show by Jim Gaffigan. We burned off all our dinner calories from laughing so hard – at least I think that’s an exercise principle Mr. Gaffigan would endorse. Thanks for checking in!

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