After a bunch of talks and panels, I walked around the SXSW Trade Show (which included a sushi printer). I took a spin (literally) in this immersive VR pod (complete with cold air blowing from above when you’re virtually whisked up into the clouds). Such a cool experience!

I checked out the Bose house (to see if they had any giveaways that Brian might like). The complimentary ginger pineapple cocktail and outdoor living decor were lovely.

I also swung by the Land ‘O Lakes house where I learned about the future of farming. Yes, from inside this VR lettuce head.

After a few days of street truck food, I needed some yummy, healthy sushi, salmon teriyaki and vegetables, so I headed to Fukumoto. I had been before and it was just as good as I’d remembered.

After a talks about artificial intelligence (from an all-female panel) and virtual reality for social justice (also from a woman – woot!), I found myself a yummy grilled cheese for lunch.

When I got back to the main keynote stage, half the cast of This Is Us was being interviewed along with the creator and executive producer, Dan Fogelman. It was so neat to see Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, and Milo Ventimiglia just chatting on stage.

I’d been walking by the DC Comics lot on my way to/from my hotel every day. I had to stop for a picture of Val Kilmer’s Batman Forever Batmobile. I know everyone has their favorite Batman movie, and this is mine (judge me if you must).

On my afternoon walks I also kept passing by the “Angry Eggroll” food truck. The Grasshopper was filled with caramelized garlic cashews and shredded carrots and cabbage. Totally worth the wait!

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