If you have been following the blog lately, you have traveled with me on some lovely work-induced travels with some fun destinations. I have a few exciting trips for some conferences coming up to places people have actually heard of – Houston, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. But you know I love to travel for fun even more, so we worked this weekend on some details of our Thanksgiving trip to Lanai, HI.

I had a chat with some co-workers this past week and we talked about how for the price, you could go to lots of places instead of Hawaii that many Americans may not be adventurous enough for. I am always on a quest to gather as many countries as possible but Brian and I decided that some true R&R was in order for this trip in particular. Also, after our last big trip – to Argentina – BSB was requesting an English-speaking vacation as well.

So, we decided on Hawaii. Since we were going to be spending both holidays this year in Kansas City, we figured we could miss one and head off to a tropical paradise and be back in plenty of time for the Christmas festivities. This weekend we secured a Jeep for a day trip exploring the island, booked a ferry to Maui for a day and decided on snorkeling and a sunset cruise. We’re going to leave the rest of the six days open for sleeping in, eating great food and lounging by the pool. Now all I have to do is wait three months, which I am not very good at. At least I can drool over some photos from the Four Seasons website…

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