After some time at home, I am getting back out into the world with a bang – five trips in 50 days, to be exact. Typically, people that I don’t work with, and therefore have more normal travel schedules, often ask me if I ever get tired of traveling. I always answer “no.” There is really nothing more fun to me than packing up a suitcase and heading off into the world.

Two of my upcoming trips are work-related (San Francisco and Italy), two are family-related (Sedona and Maine) and one is a wedding weekend (Albany). I would never have figured out I had five trips in 50 days had it not been for my trusty TripIt account that likes to send me little alerts and updates. It’s one of my favorite things for travel because it’s so easy to use. I just email all my reservations to it and then organizes it accordingly, populating confirmation number fields, addresses and phone numbers I might need later. It even keeps track of my dinner reservations and frequent flier accounts — totally perfect for an organized, nerd/traveler like me.

My favorite thing about everything coming up, of course, is that I finally have a good reason to get back to blogging. Although I think breaks from things can be good, I am excited to be back! I hope you have all been well and that our paths will cross soon!

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