Made it to the antler arches in the middle of downtown Jackson Hole, WY. Each corner of the park in the center of town has an arch. This officially marks my 48th state visited in the U.S. – only North Dakota and Alaska to go. At first blush, the town reminds me a lot of Tahoe, without the lake. It’s been unseasonably warm this year so the shorter mountains aren’t covered in snow but the ski resort that is attached to our lodge is active.
We’re staying at the Lodge at Jackson Hole which was recently renovated, has a lovely on-site spa, is reasonably priced and is less than a mile from downtown. There are wooden bears climbing all of the outside of the hotel. Some of them are even looking into room windows – I wanted to ask for this feature but chickened out.

After landing, we picked up our rental car and headed downtown for some lunch. We ate at the Backcountry Delicatessen which has an endless selection of unique, gourmet sandwiches. I had the Sherpa (pictured right – grilled eggplant, asiago, sweet roasted red peppers, tomato, romaine lettuce, garlic mayo) and Brian had the Backcountry Cuban (smoked ham, slow roasted pulled pork, jarlsburg, chopped pickles, hot cherry peppers, mayo, yellow mustard). Both were delicious.

Afterwards, we walked around, checked out some shops and plotted our next meals. We even met a shop owner from Kansas, with family still in Kansas City.  We discussed our mutual love for KC and got some additional food/beverage recommendations for the weekend. Stay tuned!

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