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Today we embarked on our dog sledding adventure. We drove an hour north of Jackson to Togwotee Mountain Lodge, home of the best snowmobiling in the U.S. On our drive up we saw a wolf, two moose and this beautiful view of the Teton mountains.
We were in for a wild (and stinky) ride behind twelve eager dogs ranging in age from eight months to 15 years. The scenery was beautiful and the dogs were raring to go. When we stopped for them to rest they would bark like crazy and strain to keep going. We did a 10-mile loop but the musher said they can easily go 100 miles a day, making them the fastest land mammal (as they can cover the most ground in a day). The dogs were super friendly and playful. There were a few puppies on our team and they were quite rowdy — starting fights, running on the wrong side of the line — but they are in training to become champion sled dogs.

On the downside, you sit nose level to the back of a dozen dogs and as my great luck would have it, a pooping dog in motion is bound to crap on someone. The other four sleds in our group were all fearful of the exact thing happening to them but, alas, I was the only one given that honor.

For a glimpse of the overall experience, check out the video below.

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