A couple of months ago one of my co-worker pals, Ruzanna, invited me to Toronto for a concert. This weekend finally arrived! Ruzanna met me at the airport with quiche for the train back to the office. I (of course) went straight for the snack room and started comparing the Canadian snacks to the London, Portland (OR) and San Francisco snacks. They did not disappoint!

After work, we went to Poutini’s House of Poutine for a delicious local delicacy.

I had the vegetarian mushroom and onion poutine and Ruzanna had the traditional poutine with gravy, cheese curds and hand cut french fries.

We then headed to the Toronto Light Festival.

It was cold but everything was so neat to see. I liked this neon sign, the fire breathing dragon and the starburst lights on poles.

I am sure this was supposed to be interpreted more creatively, but it’s a little hard to do a solid mermaid impression in a parka.

Before heading to our next itinerary item, we grabbed one of these for fuel. They described it to me as “sort of like a beaver tail” which I also wasn’t familiar with. It was kind of like fried dough, only crispier and hollow in the middle so they could coat it with hot fudge. Not too bad! 

We ended the night at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club. The show was hilarious. The Canadian headliner, Chuck Byrn talked about America mostly. I was almost falling out of my chair. He got talking about immigration in Canada and said, “So, our policy is kind of like, um, bring a coat? And there’s a 60/40 chance our PM will come to the airport and bring you one!”

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