With less than a month to go, I am still resisting the urge to make a list. Not having a list physically of course forces me to have one in my head. I am trying to sift through my brain at present to figure out what still needs to be done. I am currently in Michigan for work so I can’t start sorting through the small mountain of items in the guest room to help me remember what is left to do.

I finally ordered the travel version of Settlers of Catan tonight. I should have plenty of time to hopefully learn better and play with the other participants after long days of tree planting. I also looked through a bunch of websites until I found the perfect, packable rain suit. (Mine is like the one to the left but is khaki instead of banana yellow.)

Last night I sent a message to Azafady about seeing if they knew who else was going to be on my trip and if I had satisfied all my requirements for them. I haven’t heard anything back yet.

One thing I am looking to borrow is a hand held luggage weighing device. If anyone in K.C. is reading this and has one, let me know. I am planning on weighing all the must-have stuff I have already so I can factor in how much weight I have left over for clothes. Then I will pick those out and start the clothing spraying with the pesticide treatment. It is supposed to be warm this coming weekend so I should be able to do that outside.

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