On Monday morning, we ate breakfast and packed up to go. Twila took out the trash and discovered that one of our tires was flat to the rim. After a call to AAA and a change to the donut, we were on our way to Reno. We drove the back roads, along the lake, to enjoy the scenery and avoid high speeds. We returned our ski equipment and swapped out the rental car for one with four normal tires.

We then headed for what Yelp promised to be the best Mexican restaurant in Reno, Mari & Chuy’s Mexican Kitchen. We were not led astray, it was fabulous and the owners were super nice. I had an amazing strawberry mojito, fresh-made ceviche and a salad. The rest of the table’s food looked and smelled great and we all agreed that it was one of the best Mexican meals we’d had anywhere.
After lunch we checked into the Peppermill Resort Hotel. We went straight for the spa and hung out in the pools, sauna and steam room before our couples massages. I thought it would be a nice way to end our trip before we all returned to hectic, three-day workweeks. We all relaxed and after a lazy afternoon, ate dinner in the hotel, our plans to whoop it up on St. Patrick’s Day put aside for a reasonable bedtime and a 6:25am flight. (Photo: Peppermill Resort Hotel)

In all, it was a great trip, one which garnered a “12 out of 10” review from Jason and Twila. It was nice to get away, spend time and catch up with good friends properly and enjoy the great outdoors. Looking forward to Blog Winner Weekend #4!

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